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Avoiding Scam Artists and Sharks in the Film Financing World
By Tom Malloy

Actors, Writers, Producers, Directors… you all want to get your film made.  At times, you’re desperate.  You feel like you’d do ANYTHING to get your film going.  This is your dream.  You want to make it a reality.

Scam Artists know this.

That’s why there are so many sharks swimming around the film industry.  They know that you’d ignore numerous red flags to get your film going.  When you get scammed, it’s the worst feeling in the world.  It’s  incredibly damaging, both financially and emotionally.  I’m gonna give you some tips to help you steer clear of scam artists:

  • IMDBPro them!!  If they don’t have a listing, they’re probably a nobody in the film world.  Now, this is okay if the investor is outside of the film industry.  In that case:
  • Google them!!  You can dig up mucho dirt on scam artists.
  • If it’s too good to be true, steer clear!  Any money raising “scheme” where you only have to give 10-20% and the bank or another entity supplies the rest is pure BS.
  • NEVER pay an “advisory” fee.  SCAM, plain and simple.

If any of you have specific instances, email me and I’ll try to help you out, but, in most cases, I can almost guarantee that you’ll never get your money if any of the top points apply.

Stay the course and find solid people that are not just your investors, but they become your friends.


The State of The Union for Independent Film
By Tom Malloy

The independent film market has changed.  Years ago, there were certain minimums that one could count on from foreign sales and domestic DVD sales.  That market is gone.

I will truly argue with ANYONE that the market for a true independent film (no studio or distributor financing or agreement in place) cannot support a film with any budget over $2 million.  Here’s the horrible truth, folks… If you make a $5 million film, the chances are in the highest percentile that you won’t even make $1 million from it.  That’s a 20% return to your investor.  Goodbye investor.

Let’s say you took that same film that, for some reason, you budgeted at $5 million, and make it for $1.5 million.  Line producers today can do that.  If they can’t, find another one.  Most people have no idea what the actual budget of their film should be.  They randomly pull out a number like $3 million.  Well, that could have been profitable 6 years ago, but today, unless you have a MAJOR A-List Star (no B,C, or D list), or you hit the lottery like Paranormal Activity, you’re going to lose money.

So the first step in getting financing is KNOW YOUR MARKET!  Remember this lesson, find a realistic budget, and then find the money!