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That dream movie that you have in your head.

You can make it happen.

  • Are you an Actor who’s sick of being at the mercy of creative types and luck?

  • Are you a Director who has a vision for a feature film?

  • Are you a Producer trying to make that first project finally happen?

  • Are you a Writer who wants their killer script shown on the big screen?

  • Are you a Filmmaker who just wants to get your film made?

Don’t wait any longer!


I want you to get your movie funded. I want your dream to come true. And I know how good it feels when that dream does come to fruition. My book BANKROLL quickly became the best reviewed book on film financing there is. Check out some of these testimonials that appear on

The Best Book on Film Fundraising (5 Stars)

By Richard A. Rossi (hollywood, california)

***** Five Stars out of Five! Best book on film fundraising yet! It really gave me a shot in the arm to raise money for my next feature. It’s written from a practitioner, not a theorist perspective, in other words Tom has done it from scratch and writes in a conversational style. Artists sometimes forget the second word in “show business” is business, and Tom demystifies the business of bankrolling features in the indie world. God bless you Tom for selflessly sharing your insights, may He multiply back to you everything you have and give.

The Best Film Financing Book I’ve Read So Far (5 Stars)

By Anthony Marinelli “AntHill Productions”

As an independent filmmaker embarking on the task of raising money for my first feature, I found Tom Molloy’s “Bankroll” to be the most valuable of all the other books I’ve read on the same subject. What Mr. Molloy does is present his real-world experiences as a producer/actor, both the obstacles and the rewards, revealing the secrets to his success and demonstrating ways to accomplish your goal, and in a straightforward manner. Unlike other books in this genre, his style is conversational and, although he never shies away from the fact that trying to raise money for a film can be extremely difficult, he reminds you that with persistence, confidence and the belief in your project, you cannot fail. Highly recommended.


Bankroll instantly became the most sought after book on film financing. I started giving seminars on film financing, and people were loving it. The problem is, I’m a working Actor/Writer/Producer (, and I can only do the seminars a few times a year. So here’s what I did for you. I put ALL the information that I go over at my film financing seminars into this AMAZING Audio course. It’s a course with OVER 5 HOURS OF MATERIAL!!

This Audio Course was also recorded almost a year after BANKROLL came out and contains much different information, as well as updated and NEW techniques for raising money.

You’ll learn everything you need to be able to start that train moving and get your film funded. What are you waiting for?

Subjects covered in the course:

  • Lesson 1 : Intro/Prepping the Project - Intro to the course, as well as an explanation on how to Prep Your Project… which may be the most important element to film financing!
  • Lesson 2 : The Pitch – When you’re in the room with that High Net Worth Individual (HNI), are you going to be able to get him or her to write the check? You NEED to know how to pitch!
  • Lesson 3 : Where to Find the Money – This is the lesson you’re really gonna want to listen to. These are the secrets that Tom has used to find money. These are the secrets that no one else will tell you!
  • Lesson 4 : Techniques to Raising Money Part 1 – Tom’s personal techniques that he has used to raise over $15 million in private equity for films. These techniques are invaluable, and can be used for any film, any genre, any budget.
  • Lesson 5 : Techniques to Raising Money Part 2 – Tom goes into more expanded detail, stuff that was never covered in BANKROLL. These techniques may give you the edge and make your dream of a movie come true!
  • Lesson 6: The Special Tips – Tom’s favorite lesson in the set. These are all the tips, good and bad, that Tom can give you to help you finance your feature film. Do NOT miss this lesson… these contain some of the most important and special tips you will ever receive on raising money.

If you are Serious about getting your film made, you are going to have to learn these techniques. There are over 5 hours of Techniques Covered!

And the best part of an Audio Course is that you can listen to it OVER AND OVER AGAIN until your film is financed!! You can attend one of Tom’s seminars, but you can’t listen to it over and over again! Now you can.

Buy Bankroll

Only $59.95 and you will be given a login/password to access the files forever!

$59.95 is nothing. It’s a fraction of a line item on your film’s budget, even if you were making an ultra-micro budget film like Paranormal Activity. This is an investment in your future. You will have changed your life after you listen to this course. I guarantee it.100% Guarantee Bankroll

If you are not satisfied with the information in this course, send me an email detailing why...
and you will get 100% of your money refunded, GUARANTEED. That’s how confident I am that you will consider buying this course the best decision you ever made in your film career.


I’d also like to offer you something more. You’ll be automatically signed up for my FREE bi-monthly e-zine that contains new tips each month on raising money. These tips are coming from the front lines, and they are invaluable. You might pick up on the one thing that’s standing in the way of your dream becoming real.

Again, do I want you to buy this Audio Course? YES! I really feel that the information I give out on these lessons is priceless. Listen to the lessons over and over again until YOUR FILM GETS MADE!!!!!

This quote, from my idol, John Cassavettes, sums it all up for me:

“I like to act in films, I like to shoot ‘em, I like to direct ‘em, I like to be around ‘em. I like the feel of it and it’s something I respect. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s a crappy film or a good film. Anyone who can make a film, I already love.”

- John Cassavettes

I look forward to talking with you soon!!



Buy Bankroll

“An incredibly dynamic speaker, Tom Malloy’s enthusiasm and wit will keep you entertained and engaged. While that is going on, he will be filling your brain with a ton of useful info gleaned from his experience in raising over $15 million in film financing. Tom walks the walk. You will definitely want to hear him talk the talk.”

 Dr. Dave Smiley, Producer, The Inner Weigh

Tom understands what it takes to close an investor and to even find them! He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend his class. I left with tons of great ideas that are working for me every day. — Carole Joyce, Producer



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